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E-BioPodcast by Bioinformatics Students

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E-BioPodcast by Bioinformatics Students

E-BioPodcast is a social engagement project based on Instagram, which aims to share and engage the public on the Bioinformatics field and its wide-reaching capacity to other fields of biological sciences. Interesting videos and podcasts are uploaded once in two weeks alternately. In addition, fun facts such as relevant informative memes are included as the contents of this project. We welcome any contents/informative contributions from the public, fellow students, and academicians alike. Everyone is invited to follow us on Instagram. Our first podcast is already online; the introduction of our Bioinformatics Programme and several important details related to the Programme, such as the career prospects and opportunities for Bioinformatics graduates in today’s market.

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PM Dr Saharuddin Mohamad
Ketua ISB

Last Updated: 12/04/2021