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The University of Malaya Field Studies Centre of the Ulu Gombak Biodiversity Centre, sited on 120-hectares of secondary and primary forest is a veritable fount of biological & ecological knowledge, with the area’s fauna and flora extensively studied and documented throughout the site’s 40-year history.

Renowned research organisations like the Institute of Medical Research (IMR) and the US Army Medical Research Unit, and accomplished local and international intellectuals, such as E. Soepadmo, Prof. Burkhadt and Prof. Maschwitz have conducted field experiments and studies resulting in landmark discoveries and breakthroughs.

The Centre offers two dormitories, a teaching centre consisting of a classroom-laboratory as well as a VIP suite and two self-contained chalets, currently functioning as residences for visiting researchers from abroad.

A favourite research centre for foreign researchers conducting biological and ecological studies, the site is also popular with geology students and is an excellent training ground for students to experience their first fieldwork practice. Additionally, the centre is also open to school children who want to experience the wonder of nature.

A variety of beautiful and unique plants that are found in Ulu Gombak Forest Reserve

  1. Pterospermum javanicum
  2. Arenga pinnata

Last Update: 24/02/2024