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Gotong Royong Ladang Mini ISB

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A gotong-royong at Ladang Mini ISB was organised by the Institute of Biological Sciences. A team of 21 strong volunteers from all ISB programmes and the driver unit was assembled to assist the farm staff to clear vegetation and arrange steel racks for the purposes of building a banana nursery and a structure for a vertical farming. Ladang Mini ISB wishes to thank the volunteers for their cooperation and camaraderie, and Dr. Yusrizam for his kind contributions towards lunch! As we say in Bahasa Melayu: “Berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing.”#institutsainsbiologi
Clearing Napier grass Steel racks for a vertical farming Cutting down a tree

PM Dr Saharuddin Mohamad
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Last Updated: 18/10/2020